The Asian Diaspora, a storytelling project


In Brogan’s own words:
       “These are some of the racial slurs that have been directed at me and my mother: FOB GOOK Mulan Chink Jap Slant eyes Dog eater. Growing up, I felt ashamed and often wished that one day I would wake up and not be Chinese anymore. In addition to hearing these slurs at school and out in the world, I saw my mom constantly pressured and made uncomfortable by predatory men — society had taught them that Asian women are subservient. Society allowed them to treat us as sub-human. Stop violence against our elders. Stop fetishizing us. Stop stereotyping us. Stop discounting and quieting us."

In Samson’s own words:
       “I've experienced a lot of racism resulting in shame. Shame of who I am as an Asian American and as a queer person. It often feels like I don't fit in or belong. Or that I can never truly be myself around others. I've been called names. I've been threatened. I've been made to feel unsafe. I want to stop others from viewing me as the "other" in America. I grew up on a farm in Arkansas raising chickens. I was in 4-H Club and Future Farmers of America. I have my lived experiences as an American and I deserve to be American unhindered. I wish people would get to know me before having these ideas that I don't belong based on how I look.“